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22 August 2012 - 01:56 PM

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Mega-puzzle Internet Reality Show

19 August 2012 - 05:38 PM

Mega-puzzle Internet Reality Show (MIRS) Synopsis

Fifteen individuals “live” in a “house” together. They compete for power and rewards. Every round, they vote out one player from the game. The last three players plead their cases to the Eliminated Eleven. The Eliminated Eleven vote for the winner. The winner is crowned Internet Reality Show Champion!

To start the game, the fifteen individuals are divided into three “Rooms” where they can have behind-the-scenes-conversations (BTSC) with each other. It is up to the players in these rooms how they choose to use the BTSC ability.

Game Structure

The game is played in "Rounds" that last four days each. Each Round consists of:
  • 1 | The Leader Challenge | A challenge that awards the role of Game Leader to one of the players. The Game Leader is responsible for nominating two players for elimination from the game.
  • 2 | The Reward Challenge | A challenge that awards one or more players with safety from elimination as well as another power in the game. Such powers might include:
    • Nomination Modification (changing one of the two nominations),
    • Vote Modification (changing one or more elimination votes),
    • Room Creation (creating a new private BTSC room to discuss the game with players of your choice),
    • Spy (the ability to "overhear" conversations in another's private BTSC room).
  • 3 | Elimination | Players vote for one of two nominated players for elimination from the game.
Round Timeline

Note: The time deadlines occur at 8 PM Central Time.
  • Day One | The Leader Challenge is posted. Players work on solving the Leader Challenge.
  • Day Two | The Leader Challenge answers are due. Results are posted. Players discuss the upcoming nominations for elimination.
  • Day Three | The nominations are due and posted. The Reward Challenge is posted. Players work on solving the Reward Challenge.
  • Day Four | The Reward Challenge answers are due. Results are posted. Elimination nomination changes are due (if necessary). Elimination voting begins. Players lobby for votes and cast their own votes.
  • Day Five [Day One] | Elimination voting ends. The elimination results are posted. [The next Leader Challenge is posted.]
Rounds are cycles of four days. There will be nine full rounds, and two “quick rounds,” and so the game will last 40 days.

How the Game Will Look Here on BrainDen
  • This is the RULES and SIGNUP thread.
  • There will be a separate GAME thread called "The House." It will be a public thread to discuss the game, the challenges, the votes, anything at all.
  • There will be three separate Private Messages called "The Rooms." These will be private rooms in which players can secretly discuss the game, challenges, voting, etc.
  • There will be a fourth Private Message called "The Outside." This will be a private message for eliminated players to secretly discuss the game and the future vote for the game winner.
  • Additional secret Rooms may be set up, depending on how the game unfolds and how the players choose to act.
  • See the puzzles linked in my signature for examples of the challenges.
  • Other challenges may be less brain-puzzle-esque and more random luck of the draw.
  • If no one earns Leader status, all players are up for elimination rather than just two nominated players.
  • If no one correctly solves a challenge, "points" may be awarded for closeness or for being on the right track, at the discretion of the Moderator, and so a winner or winners may still be declared.
  • Players cannot contact each other about the game outside of the game structure (i.e. in real life or by email) Cheaters never win. If someone tries to contact you about the game outside of the game structure, don't respond, or simply respond with a polite reminder that game talk outside the parameters of the game is icky. If the attempts to cheat continue, please inform the Moderator. Remember, a win by dishonest means is an admission that you can't win on your own merit and are, therefore, a loser.
I reserve the right to modify these rules as I see fit, at any time, and for any reason.


15 August 2012 - 08:22 PM

Spoiler for


I won a number of awards
I won too many from the boards
I won those trophies left and right
I won for musical delight

My life's not void I ate my fill
I tried to win and won a thrill
And yes I won to claim the best
I won to rise above the rest

To lose them now would be a fright
I won them fairly; they're my right
I won them all for doing well
For doing well and now farewell

Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A Musical Number

14 August 2012 - 08:58 PM

A Musical Number

Death a certain harvest scattered from the skies
Drinkin' dirty big pints of stout
Blue is the colour of all that I wear
She is balled up on the couch

This is where the road crashed into the ocean
Not concerned with the sick amongst the pure
Just making rhymes of yesterday
Boys and girls collide to the music in my ear

How dare you say that my behavior is unacceptable
I need you like a heart needs a beat
I'm so terrified of no one else but me
And a whole lot of space to breathe

I leave tear stains on the ground
Handed out some flyers at the show
How his kisses taste sweet like wine
You can't stand where I stand
Just smile and let it go

Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Circular Logic

27 July 2012 - 05:03 PM

This circular logic is round
As you say, "man, this riddle ain't sound."
Respecting your thoughts I rebound,
Deflecting the critics abound.

May I take all your slings and your darts,
For the beauty of riddling's an art.
Judge not with your mind but your heart
Or this bulletin all falls apart.

But 'fore you give words too much credit,
Quit thinking the meaning's inherent.
Complain, go ahead, you have merit
Suggesting I seek one to edit.

Gone be the verses and quatrains.
Purged are the rhyming campaigns.
Hack even the words this contains.
Kick 'em out, and so little remains.

Now likely you doubt my pretense:
Initially this riddle made sense.
Launch into logicking: whence
Eponymous game I dispense?