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Another crack at code creation

24 December 2011 - 08:21 PM

I've tried and failed several times to create a code worthy for the people here, so here's what I have to offer:
Crack this code:

The ||||||||||||| are just word separators
Spoiler for Hint

15 December 2011 - 07:56 PM

the task is simple: crack the following code:
Spoiler for This maybe useful to you


03 December 2011 - 07:46 PM

sharing the country's wealth of jokes (making jokes is one of the few things we're capable of) about our upper Egyptians:

An upper Egyptian and Einstein were sitting next to each other, bored, so Einstein decided to stir a conversation and eventually lead to this:

Einstein: Tell you what, I'll ask you a question, if you can't answer it you'll give me a dollar, but if i can't answer your question, I'll give you a 100 dollars

Upper Egyptian: Okay

Einstein: How does gravity work?
Upper Egyptian:.....

So he gave Einstein a dollar

Einstein: Your turn

Upper Egyptian: What climbs up a mountain on 4 legs but climbs down on 3 legs?

He was thinking for a long time but in the end he gave the Egyptian a 100 dollars

Einstein: My turn: What climbs up a mountain on 4 legs but climbs down on 3 legs? I want the answer.

Upper Egyptian:.....

And he gave him a dollar :D

and former (not so) beloved president Hosny Mubarak:

Our president was once on an aeroplane with George W.Bush, one of his assistants and a monkey.

George W.Bush: I'll make you a deal, Mubarak, if you manage to make this monkey laugh, I'll remove 25% of Egypt's debts

Mubarak (to assistant): Make that monkey laugh.

The assistant whispered something to the monkey and the monkey laughed.

Bush: If you make the monkey cry I'll remove 50% of Egypt's debts

Same procedure, Mubarak orders assistant, assistant whispers in the monkey's ears, monkey cries.

Bush: If you make the monkey want to jump out of the plane window, I'll remove all of Egypt's debts.

Blablabla the monkey's banging on the plane window.

Mubarak: How did you manage to make the monkey do all these things

Assistant: Simple, for a laugh I said: That Idiot is ruling Egypt

to make it cry I said: That idiot has been ruling for nearly 30 years

for the attempted suicide i said: That idiot wants his son to rule after him

and other random jokes:

Note: You may get bored reading this joke it's long and is meant to bore and annoy the listener (reader) with pointless listing and repetition, although I am not responsible to what happens to you when (if) you finish reading this joke. READ AT OWN RISK.

A guy was returning from work and thought: Should I take a bus or a cab?

If I take the cab, no problem but if i take the bus then there are 2 situations:

1-I stand

2-I sit down

If I stand there's, no problem but if i sit then there are 2 situations

1-I sit next to a man

2-i sit next to a woman (note that buses are so crowded that the odds of you finding a seat without anyone sitting next to you is near 0)

if I sit next to a man, no problem, but if I sit next to a woman there are 2 situations

1-We talk

2-We don't talk

If we don't talk, no problem, if we do talk then there are 2 situations

1-I fall in love

2-I don't fall in love

If I don't fall in love, no problem, if i do then there are 2 situations

1-We get married

2-We don't get married

If we don't get married, no problem, if we do then there are 2 situations

1-We have kids

2-We don't have kids

if we don't have kids, no problem, if we do then there are 2 situations

1-There will be a boy

2-There won't be a boy

If there will be no boys, no problem, if there will be then there are 2 situations

1-He will like football (soccer not American football, most popular sport in our country)

2-He won't like football

If he doesn't like football, no problem, if he does then there are 2 situations

1-He'll play in the street

2-He will play in other places

If he plays in other places, no problem, if he plays in the street then there are 2 situations

1-He'll get run over

2-He won't get run over

If he doesn't get run over, no problem, if he does then there are 2 situations

1-He dies

2-He doesn't die

If he doesn't die, no problem if he DOES die.... I'd better take a cab

What is your expression if you have successfully finished reading this joke:

:blink: :mad: :angry: :D :) :dry:

It may not be to your liking so I just posted a couple of samples, if you like I could post more, some of it may seem pointless but it's funny in the end, all translated but understandable I suppose.

20 November 2011 - 04:38 PM

one from the Jake hunter chronicles(with modification):
crack this code:
π => 9

03 November 2011 - 06:10 PM

I can't belive I didn't find this one here:
Achilles and the Tortoise is one of Zeno’s paradoxes. It appears to demonstrate that even the fastest of runners, Achilles, could not catch the slowest of creatures, the tortoise, if the tortoise were given a head start.

To get from one place to another takes time. If the distance between the two is very small, or the speed of travel is very fast, then it may take a very short amount of time, but it will take some time nevertheless. It is impossible to move from one point to another instantaneously.

To catch someone, you need to cross the distance between you and them, you need to move from where you are to where they are. If there is any distance between you at all, then this will take time.

Suppose that the person that you are trying to catch is moving away from you, then in the time that it takes you to get from where you are to where they are, they will have moved on. If you begin at point A, and they begin at point B, then by the time you reach point B they will be at point C. The person that you are trying to catch will no longer be at the point that you have reached.

To catch them, then, you will need to reach the point that they are now at, you will have to get from point B to point C. Doing so, though, will again take time. Point C is at a distance from point B, and so by the time you have reached point C, your target will have reached point D. This process can be repeated ad infinitum, without you ever catching your target.

Zeno illustrated this with the example of Achilles and the tortoise. If, in a race, the tortoise, who moves slowly, is given a head-start on Achilles, then no matter how quickly Achilles runs he will never catch the tortoise.