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31 January 2013 - 04:14 AM

Okay, I have to go right now, so I haven't written down the responses yet, but both of you! Very clever! Well done, my friends. I won't tell you where you're right or wrong, but I'll tell you both of you have a lot of things right and wrong. And with that cryptic message, I will see you tomorrow afternoon in my time.


31 January 2013 - 01:51 AM

It doesn't all fit in the sig. If you can change it so it fits, I'd appreciate it very much.


INTERROGATION: WELLESLEY (remember, she can't wear the lie detector)


YOU: Did you see Mr. Wayne at all anywhere?


WELLESLEY: Uh... no, I did not.


YOU: Do you have any idea where he might have been?


WELLESLEY: He was probably bothering John about that interview he wanted.


YOU: Is there anyone else who knew about your husband's nightmares?


WELLESLEY: Hm... no. Just me, John and Mr. Green.


YOU: Did your husband have any other regular nocturnal activities?


WELLESLEY: Not really. He snored. (chuckles)


YOU: How was your husband's mental health?


WELLESLEY: Oh, he was fine. Just a normal old fellow. Very old, in fact.


YOU: Before tonight, has the suit of armor been anywhere it shouldn't be?

WELLESLEY: Hm... I believe not.


YOU: A few witnesses told us that you were not present in the kitchen.


WELLESLEY: (abruptly) Who said that?


YOU: Uh... I am not legally permitted to give that kind of information.


WELLESLEY: (chuckles nervously) Oh, yes. Of course.


YOU: Were you in the trophy room?




YOU: What were you doing in the trophy room at 10:00 PM?


WELLESLEY: Oh, you think I killed my husband? How can you even suggest that?


YOU: Please Mrs. Wellesley, calm do-




(after calming her down, she manages to speak again)


WELLESLEY: I told you, I was in the kitchen. 


YOU: So you don't know what might've happened in the trophy room?


WELLESLEY: No, no idea.


YOU: Would you like some scotch?


WELLESLEY: Oh, you're too kind, but I don't drink. It's bad for my health. 




They aren't rusty. In fact, quite pale. You do spot one bruise on one of her knuckles.




YOU: Hello, Mr. Kaufman.


KAUFMAN: Yes, hello.


YOU: Where were you at 9:30?


KAUFMAN: I was having dinner with the family.




YOU: Where were you at 10:00?


KAUFMAN: I was dancing. There was a beautiful lady, and we danced.




YOU: Where was Mr. Wellesley tonight?


KAUFMAN: I'm not quite sure. I saw him, we talked for a bit, then he went upstairs in a fit.




YOU: Where was Mrs. Wellesley tonight?


KAUFMAN: Oh, probably... in the kitchen. I didn't see her.




YOU: Where was Mr. Green?


KAUFMAN: Oh, nice fellow. He was handing out drinks and such. He said he had to go to the kitchen, sort of suspicious, hm?




YOU: What did Mr. Wellesley sue you for?


KAUFMAN: Oh, something about plagiarism. It was complete rubbish.




YOU: For how much money?


KAUFMAN: A few thousand dollars, it's all in the past now.




YOU: Are you familiar of the rare orchid in the trophy room?


KAUFMAN: What do you mean, boy? There aren't any flowers in his trophy room!




YOU: You seem familiar with law. How would I go about charging the reporter for murder?


KAUFMAN: ...I am not familiar with this area. I believe that is up to you to decide. You should know how to do this by now, shouldn't you?




YOU: Have you heard of the suit of armor?


KAUFMAN: Oh, the murderer's costume. I'm not quite sure what it's all about, though. Do you have any idea?




YOU: Would you like some scotch?


KAUFMAN: Oh, yes, please.




Wrinkled, old. No sign of rust.




YOU: Hello, Mr. Wayne.


WAYNE: I swear I didn't kill him, I swear!




YOU: As you're a reporter, I take it you're very observant. Can you tell me if there was anything out of the ordinary?


WAYNE: Well, all I noticed was Mr. Wellesley walking upstairs. He looked quite frightened by something.




YOU: Where were you at 10:00 PM?


WAYNE: Well, this was all at 10:00 PM. I saw a chance to get him alone, so naturally I went upstairs and tried to get my interview. But, when I was up there, I saw a suit of armor stabbing him in the back. I ran downstairs and I cried for help. By the time we came back, the murderer was gone, and the suit of armor was just kneeling there.




YOU: Who was with you?


WAYNE: No one. I wanted to get that interview alone.




YOU: Did you get an interview with Mrs. Wellesley or Mr. Kaufman? Anyone at all?


WAYNE: Well, I wasn't very interested in what they had to say. Only Mr. Wellesley.




YOU: Are you aware that Mr. Wellesley is a sleep-walker?


WAYNE: No, but that might be an interesting note for my article.




(I'll do the rest in a few hours)


29 January 2013 - 06:40 PM

REVIEW: (it's for me, too. Correct me on anything I got wrong.)




There was mention of an unhappy marriage. She was courted by both John Wellesley and Michael Kaufman when they were younger. She says she was in the kitchen at 10:00 PM. Emily Howard, a maid, initially said she was in the kitchen as well very nervously. When inebriated, she confessed she was not there, and mentioned a remark about the trophy room. Mr. Green said she was not in the kitchen. She knows about Mr. Wellesley's nightmares about the suit of armor. She was allowed to enter the trophy room.




He lost a watch, and for some reason wears another one on his left wrist, though he is left-handed. He has tan lines on his right wrist. Mrs. Wellesley claims that the watch found in the suit of armor is Mr. Green's. He claims to have been in the kitchen at the time of death. Howard nervously said that he was present in the kitchen. Mrs. Wellesley claims that Mr. Green was in the kitchen, alongside her. According to Mrs. Wellesley, he knows about Mr. Wellesley's nightmares about the suit of armor. Mr. Green claims that Mr. Wellesley wouldn't let him in the trophy room, but Mrs. Wellesley tells you otherwise.




According to Howard, he was in the ballroom at the time of death. He and Mr. Wellesley were financial rivals. Mr. Kaufman lost a lot of money due to Mr. Wellesley suing him.




She was very nervous initially, but talked after getting drunk, which she claims Mr. Green instructed her not to do. She was at the kitchen. According to her, Mrs. Wellesley was not in the kitchen and Mr. Green was present. She is currently passed out in your interrogation room.




Literally nothing to catch up on. Wanna ask him anything?


29 January 2013 - 06:24 PM

Oops, sorry about that. Was tired, but now I'm in my proper senses.




You give her the scotch. She drinks. A lot.


YOU: What superstitions are there concerning the suit of armor?


HOWARD: I don't know, shir. I remember Mr. Welleshley wush very fond of it. He sheemed to forshe himshelf to like it.




YOU: (I'm presuming you meant 10 PM) What was the weather like at 10 PM? (by the way, it was a cold day)


HOWARD: Ooh, nice and breeshy. Kinda chilly, if you ask me.




YOU: Where were you at 10 PM?


HOWARD: I wush in the kitchen, cooking, you know, for the missush.




YOU: Where was Mr. Green at 10 PM?


HOWARD: Oh, I dunno, probably shomewhere sherving drinks or whatever butlersh do. Oh, never mind, he came in here! He wush telling me not to drink. (looks at scotch) Oopsh.




YOU: Where was Mrs. Wellesley at 10 PM?


HOWARD: The missush wush off danshing or pranshing or whatever. I remember her telling me not to let anyone come to the trophy room. Mishtur Welleshley was very fond of that room, you know.




YOU: Where was Mr. Kaufman?


HOWARD: Oh, partying with his friendsh, I shupposhe. I didn't shee him.




YOU: Have you seen the rare orchid in Mr. Wellesley's study?


HOWARD: Rare orchid? (frowns, then tilts her head) I don't know what you mean, shir.




YOU: What time is it?


HOWARD: Oh, sheven, eight. Nine. Eight thirty? Shomething like that. 




YOU: You seem really relaxed tonight, Ms. Howard.


Howard collapses and starts snoring on the table. Maybe you gave her too much scotch.


You observe her hands. No rust.


You should probably let her sleep it off. And hope she doesn't report you the next morning.


28 January 2013 - 03:43 AM

@phaze The room is a neutral, concrete and completely theoretical room that probably wouldn't exist. No one else is in the room with you. The suit has already been dusted for prints, but there was nothing positive. Even if there was that much rust, the police say that they would usually find something.


INTERROGATION: HOWARD (we haven't moved. We are in a hypothetical neutral room. Give me a specific room to move to.)


YOU: What superstitions are there concerning the suit of armor?


HOWARD: I don't know, sir. I remember Mr. Wellesley was very fond of it. He seemed to force it on himself.


@Aaryan Okay, I think this is right. If time hasn't passed at all since you've arrived, (again, hypothetical and also easier for my wee little brain to handle) then the watch says 10:53. Mrs. Wellesley identified it as Mr. Green's. 


Anything else?