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(Game Thread) NBM

19 June 2014 - 05:50 AM

It was the night before Christmas and all the holidays were in their places. In Halloween town a party was in full swing; everyone was there - or so it seemed. In came Zero, dragging the smallest member of the band whose instrument was shoved though his chest. A gasp rang out. The horror of the murder shook even the residents of Halloween town. “Who could have done this?!” Yelled Jack the Pumpkin King, “We mustn't let them get away with this! Every day we must get eliminate someone till the killer is gone but for now, we go home. Lock your doors, come tomorrow we kill.”




Baddie: Wincon: kill all goodies 
Oogie Boogie: one kill each night 

Goodies: Wincon: Kill the baddie 
Jack: Redirect
Sally: Block
Mayor: Vote change (gets an extra vote or can remove a vote)
Sandy Claws (aka Santa Claus): Save
Zero: Finds out a pervious target 

Inddie: Wincon: Survive longer then Oogie Boogie and Jack
Lock, shock, and barrel: kidnap


1. Flamebirde


3. phil1882

4. bonanova

5. Kikacat123

6. plasmid

7. Framm18


8. akaslicter

9. dee_tot

Block>Redirect>Save>Kidnap>Kill>Find target
If a tie occurs a dice role will decide  who is lynched, the only time this does not hole true is day one. If a tie occurs then there will be no lynch. 

This game will run on PT!


If you have questions for me put them in 18pt font in red.




Nightmare Before Mafia

30 March 2014 - 04:50 PM

Baddie: Wincon: kill all goodies

Oogie Boogie: one kill each night


Goodies: Wincon: Kill the baddie

Jack: Redirect

Sally: Block

Mayor: Vote change (gets an extra vote or can remove a vote)

Sandy Claws (aka Santa Claus): Save

Zero: Finds out a pervious target


Inddie: Wincon: Survive longer then Oogie Boogie and Jack 

Lock, shock, and barrel: kidnap


If you got any questions ask them here. 

The soonest the game will start will be April 15 (US)


1. Saved spot