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Mafia IV

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#931 grey cells

grey cells

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Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:00 PM

Arg, there be many twists and turns occur'n in the final hours! By my watch, there be about an hour till the fates be told!

The Ghost's warning! :P
Dawh , I will try to bring some of her posts over . But CL is the most probable mafioso . Y-s could be mafioso , but first we need to lynch a definite mafioso today . So I suggest you change your vote. :D
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#932 unreality


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Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:10 PM

hahah! aarrrghh, Bb! Hoist the colors!

Host: Unreality
1) Frost - DEAD [Grim Reaper] Killed by Mafia
2) Brandonb - DEAD & VICTORIOUS [QA - MoS] Killed by Warlock
3) Kingofpain - DEAD [Defender] Killed by QAs
4) Pw0nzd - DEAD [?] Killed by Mafia
5) Cherry Lane - voting for Yoruichi-san
6) Dawh - voting for Yoruichi-san
7) Nayana - voting for Johnson
8) Dnae
9) Scott - DEAD [?] Killed by Mafia
10) GC - voting for Cherry Lane
11) Puzzlegirl - DEAD [Bomb]
12) Slick - DEAD [?] Killed by QAs
13) Dusty - voting for Johnson
14) Wreath - DEAD [Ninja] Killed by Grim Reaper
15) Joe's Student - DEAD & VICTORIOUS [QA] Sphinx's revenge
16) Johnson - voting for Cherry Lane
17) Frozen - DEAD [Sphinx] Killed by QAs
18) CrazyPainter - voting for Cherry Lane
19) Yoruichi - voting for Johnson
20) Mekal - DEAD [?] Blown up

you guys may be surprised to hear this, but the day is gonna end now. Yes, you might be thinking... what's going on? But you're about to find out. Day post coming.
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#933 esjohnson


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Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:10 PM

dawh: You made the right decision.
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#934 unreality


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Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:11 PM

he did all right ;D hehe you don't know how true that is
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#935 unreality


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Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:11 PM

please no more posts until the day post :P
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#936 unreality


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Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:58 PM

Jihad in Awesomeville


"Cherry Lane!" the mob shouted. "Johnson! Cherry Lane! Johnson!"

"I'm the Warlock!" Johnson pleaded.

The Jihadist grinned evilly. That was the last reassurance he needed- he had already had it figured out a while back, but he was being, saving the knowledge until he was absolutely sure.

"Second place, here I come," the Jihadist grinned, and slipped out of the square, back toward his house (the house where a pig had been shot down by a rocket launcher) on the street where he had burned the message. But what he hadn't known is that part of the burnt message had survived, rolling up into an alleyway.

An alleyway that Dnae walked out of, clutching a piece of roasted paper.

"Sorry I'm late, I-" he started, but froze when he saw who it was. His eyes flicked back to the piece of paper. It was a warning from Denbrain that a Jihadist was loose in Awesomeville, whose goal was to suicide-bomb the Warlock. Dnae started breathing deeply, trying to quell his nervousness and look for a way out. He was the Spy, after all.

"I'm sorry too," the Jihadist said softly, then started walking toward Dnae.

"Wh-what are you gonna do, blow me up?" Dnae stuttered.

"Unreality no," the Jihadist chuckled. "And waste the holy bomb strapped around my martyr body? I don't think so!" He advanced slowly, menacingly, trapping Dnae off in the alley. When he got close enough, Dnae saw his face.


"It's you!" Dnae hissed. The Spy backed up, fearful.

"Yes, it's me," Dawh whispered. Then he screamed a guttural war cry and launched himself at Dnae, landing a kick on the Spy's chest.

Dnae fell back with a grunt, and rolled out of the way just in time as the Jihadist stabbed a long knife into the ground.

"I had it all figured out!" the Jihadist boasted as he circled Dnae, holding the stiletto carefully. "Think of all the clues my glorious god has left me! Tooth Fairy Dentistry? Scott was the Atheist. And Unreality hadn't even meant to put in that clue! But Scott was the Atheist anyway. Weird, huh? Mekal was the other QA, of course. I will follow in his footsteps to victory!"

He lunged forward with the stiletto, almost severing Dnae's jugular, but the Spy twisted out of the way and tackled the Jihadist, slamming them against the grimy alley wall. There was a dull clunking sound.

Dawh laughed. "Don't worry, they only go off if I push the button... and it's at my house right now." He spat in Dnae's face to loosen the man's grip and then ducked out of the way, uppercutting a punch into Dnae's stomach as he did so.

"So... oof... you've been... oof... working against us this whole time?" Dnae spat.

"Guilty," Dawh grinned. "Or should I say, Innocent."

"You fanatic!" Dnae roared, punching Dawh across the face, smashing his nose and drawing blood. "How did we even have a chance, without knowing?"

"I stayed low enough to not be included in any of the night posts," Dawh said. "It was hard- quite an accomplishment, actually. Not many could've got to where I am. I deserve this! I deserve it!" He came at Dnae like a maniac, whooshing the stiletto around. Dnae watched it carefully, ready to block Dawh's arm and land a knockout in the process.

"You can't beat me," Dawh snarled. "Johnson is a dead man. When I blow up the Warlock, my jihad is complete!"

"A jihad in Awesomeville," Dnae shook his head. Then he struck, slamming his arm into Dawh's stiletto arm, snapping the hand with the stiletto back as Dnae pulled back to give the knockout blow-

Squelch. A stiletto flipped out from Dawh's hand into Dnae's throat, severing his various nerve clusters. Dawh slid the bloody knife out and watch Dnae collapse, lifeless, to the ground. He spat on this infidel and tucked away his knives, heading out of the alley. He had a lynching to interrupt.

Back at the town square

There had been no lynching yesterday, just an explosion of frog spawn, and the townsfolk were hungry to spill some baddie blood.

With Johnson's unveiling as the Warlock, they had settled on Cherry Lane.

"Die die die die die die!" they chanted, as a burly executioner dragged her to the podium.

"Do you have any final words?" GC said, making sure his first aid kit was under lock and key. The Doctor didn't want any Mafioso stealing the kit to go help Cherry Lane. He nodded to the Healer, CrazyPainter, to do the same with her herbal concoctions. What they didn't know was how truly they were among enemies. The all-girl Mafia of Yoruichi, Cherry Lane, Nayana and Kat (with Dusty replacing Kat in the pasta kitchen at the last minute) had been amazing. All four of them were still alive. Their tactics were incredible and their skill and manipulation had been legendary. There was almost no way that the Innocents could win... especially since Slick, the Tiebreaker (and Janitor, that's why a bucket was laying around in his house) passed the Tiebreaker title on to Joe's Student who then gave it to a baddie, Cherry Lane, after he died. With that and the fact that the Innocents would have to lynch 4 Mafiosos in a row and possibly successfully save the Mafia's targets at night, there was really no way the Innocents could win. As Unreality had said, the odds were astronomical.

But they could take a Mafiosa down with them.

"Final words?" Cherry Lane snarled. "I have some final words for you! [Censored Final Words]!!!!"

"Harsh," muttered Johnson.

"Wait just a second," drawled a confident voice. Dusty was walking to the stage, flanked by Yoruichi and Nayana.

"The Godfather says, Let her go! Cherry Lane is the best Thief we've had in a long time."

"What kind of executioner do you think I am?" the bulky man snorted. "There's no way I'm-"

BAM! The large man rolled off the podium with a CRASH, and everyone in the square was shocked into a standstill.

"You've been executed," Nayana said with a cold grin. She was the Assassin, after all.

"Come on, girls," said Yoruichi (the Bankroller). "Oh, and Dusty. Let's get out of here."

"Wait just a minute," said GC nervously, stepping to block her path. CrazyPainter and Johnson joined him, facing down the four Mafiosos. Where were the other two Innocents, Dawh and Dnae, when you needed them?

"I'm here!" Dawh announced, as if reading their thoughts. Oddly, he was holding a trigger in his hand.

Oh, right, thought GC. As the Jihadist, he's gonna blow some Mafia to hell! Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

"This is our town now," Dusty said. "We've won it fair and square. Okay, maybe I didn't, since I just stepped in, but you get the idea... umm, yeah..."

"Let me fill in," Yoruichi said, and stepped forward. As the strategist of the Mafia, and the Bankroller, she was skillful at getting her point across. "We've taken over this town, and you all know it! Awesomeville is ours! You can't stop us!"

CrazyPainter nodded. It was all the truth.

"But we can try!" GC insisted, and stood in front of Yoruichi with his arms folded.

"You can," nodded Yoruichi, and shot him point blank in the heart. "It will be a few seconds before your brain runs out of oxygen," she said, her eyes like chips of cold ice. "You might want to reflect on your mistakes before you die a painful death."

"Noooo!" CrazyPainter yelled, before she was knifed down by the Jihadist.

"Get out of the way!" the Jihadist cried. "Johnson is mine! Don't kill him!"

"What are you talking about?" Cherry Lane snapped. "You're both Innocents. The Mafia won! We're killing off the Innocents to complete our takeover of Awesomeville."

There was a second of confusion before both sides realized what was up. Whoever killed Johnson first won.

"I'm a wanted man," Johnson squeaked, before four Mafia guns were raised in his direction. The second-to-last of their enemies to die. They would make short work of the Jihadist after killing Johnson.

But then, from another direction, the Jihadist came hurtling out of nowhere, shouting his head off. He tackled Johnson out of the way, causing them to skid across the square as the Mafia bullets whizzed through thin air.

"You saved me!" Johnson exclaimed as the two of them skittered into the grass. "I knew it was a ploy, I knew you were an Innocent."

The Mafia had just realized what happened, they were reloading, turning, re-aiming...

"I didn't save you," Dawh snarled, and his finger tightened on the red button just as the Mafia let loose a barrage of bullets.

BOOM! For the second time in three days, one end of the square exploded in a dusty maelstrom of fire and rubble. The Jihadist had won (er, second place behind the Quarkies. Whatever. He had achieved his goal), taking the Warlock with him.

Leaving the Mafia in Awesomeville.

The four Mafiosos looked at each other. The town was theirs. Normally there wouldn't be a 'third place', but since the Jihadist's secret goal was blowing up the Warlock, that left no survivors in that department. Which meant...

"Awesomeville is ours!" the Mafia laughed.


Good job, Mafia! You played a great game. Yoruichi, Cherry Lane, Kat, Nayana - the girls Mafia! You guys rocked.

Slick, the Janitor, never really got to exercise his role. He was inactive the first night, decided against killing Bb the second night, and then died. But it was a cool addition to the Mafia roster nontheless.

Pw0nzd, the Inspector, didn't really come to his full potential- I think the Mafia Wipeout thing scared him too much (though it shouldn't, it scares the Mafia too, they only use it if they're absolutely sure). Though I'm mad at the Inspector role in general, which is why I've fixed how it works for Mafia V. Also, Pw0nzd was a Masked Lover, the other of which was Nayana. Somehow I can't even just write without people taking everything I said as a clue, lol.

I think that covers most of the unknowns. Everyone did a good job, and the QAs were resourceful (and lucky ;D). Frost was so close to winning, had not the Mafia chosen him to die that same night.

Anyway, I'll post the Mafia IV Log after the Epilogue...


North of Port Unreality, it eventually turns to ice and snow and you find Pengville, a small arctic town... but north of even Pengville, norther still, into the farthest reaches of icy glaciers and unknown, frozen lands that haven't taken the footstep of man in millenia, a group of fur-coated natives swing their icepickaxes into the snow.

Finally: Chink. One of them hits something harder than plain snow. A barrage of jabbering erupts, and they gather 'round, clearing their find.

An hour later, they have uncovered the entire specimen, a massive being frozen in the ice and snow. The leader of the group takes an ancient yeti medallion from around his neck- passed down for centuries- and presses it into the epicenter of this great being.

The Host God Frost opens his eyes.

The leader of the group smiles, and flips open his cell phone (on the extended coverage plan), and brings it to his mouth. "We found him."


The Host God Unreality grinned, snapping shut his cell phone.

The Quarkies had rebuilt their capital and were on the advance northward, unhindered, as the Sphinx was dead (thanks to a good pick by Joe's Student). Since the Sphinx was gone forever, in the far north (in areas like Pengville) the Illusionist would turn into the Yeti now- the guardian of the glacier. Anyway- because of this Quarky invasion into Content Phoenix, Unreality's favorite country- Unreality had made Sultan Phoenix into Lord Phoenix, and gave him more power to deal with the baddies.

But that wasn't enough. Unreality wasn't going to abuse his power, and break his creations' sense of fair. No, he would just have to descend to a mere mortal and kick some Quarky a** himself.

For that, he needed a replacement. And he found one.

Frost rose out of his icy sleep, bits of snow falling off like white waterfalls. The pure heat he emanated melted the frost that clung to his ancient clothes and turned the area around him into a swimming pool- the tribe that had excavated him swam, yelping, toward the safe ice.

Frost stepped out of the cavity where he had been dormant for so long and roared his dominance to the winds. Then he disappeared in a flash of light, leaving a penguin-shaped cloud of penguin-shaped clouds of miniature penguins, which exploded into fireworks that instantly teleported the natives home.

Frost was the new Host God, and Unreality was busy fitting in with the mortals, getting rich by entering the secret password to the massive vault of piles of money and ancient relics that he had assembled while he was Host God, in case he would ever step down for a bit.

"Hehehe," Unreality snickered. "This is gonna be fun."

The End

The Mafia IV Log & Info:

Host: Unreality
1) Frost - Grim Reaper
2) Brandonb - QA
3) Kingofpain - Defender
4) Pw0nzd - Inspector
5) Cherry Lane - Mafia
6) Dawh - Jihadist
7) Nayana - Mafia
8) Dnae - Spy
9) Scott - Atheist
10) GC - Doctor
11) Puzzlegirl - Bomb
12) Slick - Janitor
13) Kat - Mafia
14) Wreath - Ninja
15) Joe's Student - QA
16) Johnson - Warlock
17) Frozen - Illusionist
18) CrazyPainter - Healer
19) Yoruichi - Mafia
20) Mekal - QA


Cherry Lane - Thief - chopper
Nayana - Assassin - Daydreams
Kat - Godfather - Goldenstar
Yoruichi - Bankroller - Yagami_Light

Brandonb - MoS
Mekal - MoD
Joe's Student - MoE


Tiebreaker order: Slick, Joe's Student, Cherry Lane

Inspector order:

[I'm thinking the Inspector should be PMed every day, not every other]

Janitor info:
1 - saving
2 - killing
3 - guarding (1/2 kill attacker, 1/2 die for the charge)
4 - discovering
5 - impersonating
6 - free choice

Janitor order:

janitor PM system:
* picks target
* I PM the action
* can go ahead with it, or decline

Mafia IV Log

Night 1 - Awesomeness in Question
* Mafia kills Scott
* Janitor guards nobody [no PM reply]
* Doctor saves himself (GC)
* Healer saves GC (communication between Healer/Doctor initiated- GC controls Sandy now basically) [I rolled a 20-sided die and got 10, which was GC]
* MoD targets Kingofpain
* MoE targets Kingofpain
* MoS targets nobody [by choice]
* KOP killed by QAs, MoD (Mekal) and MoE (Joe's Student) meet up
* MoE spies on Brandonb (QA) [oops- supposed to just say "baddie"]
* Godfather spies on Brandonb (QA)
* Thief steals from Puzzlegirl (Bomb)
* Hints: one of the QAs that killed KOP was good at seeing who was lying- he was the Master of Disguise. There was also a "red herring" false hint of Puzzlegirl being a Lover. I was not expecting anyone to actually act on this, sorry puzzlegirl. Another clue was the 'tabby Kat' as mafia, which I didn't even mean to put in, Cherry Lane caught that one

Day 1 - Trial by Fire
* Inspector is PMed Kat's identity as a Mafioso
* Warlock bewitches Brandonb
* lynch vote: Puzzlegirl
* Hints: I've decided not to put hints in day posts, only night posts

Night 2 - The Ancient War Continues... or does it?
* Mafia kills Frost
* [No Godfather usage allowed]
* [No Thief usage allowed]
* [Assassin ability not used]
* Bankroller roughs up Slick
* Grim Reaper kills Wreath
* Janitor would've killed Brandonb (was unsure, declined)
* Doctor saves CP
* Healer saves Johnson
* Illusionist saves Slick (from GR only, thus no effect)
* MoE spies on Slick (Innocent)
* MoE targets Slick
* MoS targets Slick
* Slick is killed by QAs after getting roughed up [he passes on Tiebreaker role to Joe's Student]
* MoE (Joe's Student) and MoS (Brandonb) meet up
* Hints: the Illusionist's "icy fire" was a hint to the Illusionist being Frozen_in_fire. Penguins and Brawl were hints toward Frost being the GR. There was also the bucket hint, which suggested (correctly) that Slick was the Janitor

Day 2 - Frog Spawn
* Spy spies on Brandonb (QA)
* Warlock bewitches Nayana
* lynch vote: Brandonb
* Brandonb blows up cuz of Warlock

Night 3 - The Guardian
* Mafia kills Pw0nzd
* [No Bankroller Allowed]
* Godfather spies on esjohnson (Innocent)
* Assassin uses ability
* Thief steals from esjohnson
* Doctor saves Dnae
* Healer saves GC
* Sphinx protects Yoruichi-san [riddle = unneeded, nobody attacked]
* MoE spies on Cherry Lane (baddie)
* MoE targets Frozen
* JS dies in the fight [passes on Tiebreaker role to Cherry Lane]
* Hints: Assassin used her ability, esjohnson didn't like people (the Warlock)

Day 3 - Jihad in Awesomeville
* lynch vote: CL/Johnson sort of, interrupted by the Jihadist's choice, which ends the game, and (story-wise), puts control of Awesomeville into the Mafia's hands
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#937 unreality


    Senior Member

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Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:59 PM

the final set of links:

Rules, Roles, Strategy Help, Voting Help, Players, Introduction & An Intercepted Message
Night One - Awesomeness in Question
Day One - Trial by Fire
Night Two - The Ancient War Continues... or does it?
Day Two - Frog Spawn
Night Three - The Guardian
Day Three - Jihad in Awesomeville
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#938 Frost


    Senior Member

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Posted 29 July 2008 - 04:07 PM

Well, I've already seen some of that, less reading for me! B))

I was laughing at you lying mafiosos throughout the weekend.:D

Edited by Frost, 29 July 2008 - 04:08 PM.

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#939 grey cells

grey cells

    Senior Member

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Posted 29 July 2008 - 04:24 PM

Well played , mafia girls. :D I knew CL , Kat and Nayana were mafia . CL raised my suspicions when she told how stupid the thief was . Very cheeky . :P But Yoruichi completely overwhelmed me with her posts. But now what's the use , it was just too late . :( Dawh , you cunning Jihadist , well played . :P
No guesses , it was a lousy game for me . Why should I pick the red Herring , and leave out the other clues ? No excuses , sorry innocents . But anyway , was too stressful a game and enjoyable . :D
Expecting Frost as new host and unreality as a fellow player . :D
EDIT : To add , girls sure make it complicated . Nayana , hope you have had your revenge. :P Now tell me about your small brain . It sure has a lot of devilish content . :P
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#940 unreality


    Senior Member

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Posted 29 July 2008 - 04:26 PM

yeah, it was a great game ;D well played, everyone :D can't wait for Mafia V
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