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Lazy-bones Paradox

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#21 retskcah .eht

retskcah .eht


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Posted 07 August 2007 - 03:10 PM

I know the answer.
The question itself is much deeper than you could ever imagine.
The answer destroyed my life...and I regret the day I saw it.(not the question you see on this particular forum but the one that is hiden benith the words it self)
Once you are able to see the question than and only then you will be able to find answer.
rileyy ( you are a programer , or you see the world similiary )
I know that you will never stop seeking the answer , So I am not going atempt to convince you to stop.
For the rest of you that have some discent life I urge you STOP SEEKING THE ANSWER
becouse I asure you that it will ruin your mind , your soul or avarness or what ever you call it.
craigerstar I see you as my self based on my memory I also started with my IQ limitatation which was somewhare about yours.The iq120 represents the final limit of logic and problem solving of aware part of the celebral cortex.once you pass that molecular limit of evolution you will be able to pass the test smoothly above the measurments limits of the particular pattern for measurment of the iq , yes the test as some of you may trying to understand my words by making it into less simple ones.(I didnt said that you are stupid , becouse there is no such think ,that is just a poor atempt of limited brain power to insolt the other similiar to it).
I need to replenish my omega 6 resurses , by geting them from shop
More about this subject later.

(you might notised some spelling errors , dont think that you are smart or intelectualy superrior becouse of that fact , not all of us are from GB or USA , neather are paying much attention on if the speling is correct but more on what it ment.)
Till then try to resolwe my nick some of you might know me.
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#22 mart3323



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Posted 18 August 2007 - 12:14 PM

Its simple really
The MASTER PLAN contains all the decisions you are ever going to make aswell as everything else.
You just think you are in control.
Excuse my poor english. Im from estonia and still 12
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#23 bptdude



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Posted 22 August 2007 - 02:16 AM

This is also a silly play on words that is not really a paradox.
This is very similar to people who argue religion who have no religious beliefs.

Do I have a destiny?
I might believe I do, and I may even see a destiny in others.
This is not the same as having all events in the real world scripted and predetermined.
The "paradox" comes from people going to the silly with extentions of meanings.

Who I am and the situation I'm in may very well line me up for a destiny for something.
Could that destiny be not brought to completion because of real world events?
sure! why not.

Goes back to what we are using for a definition of desitny.
If I define it such that it can not exist, well, then I think there is a paradox.
Oh, gee, isn't that amazing.. .{sic}

If an actual talking dog goes to Hollywood, it would probably have a destiny of greatness.
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#24 Genghis



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Posted 02 September 2007 - 08:10 PM

This isn't really very complicated. I have the evidence that all events/occurences were destined to happen (choose one)...........THEY HAPPENED! The difficulty is in trying to explain that they were not destined to happen. Have at it.
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#25 Kylito



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Posted 04 September 2007 - 03:21 AM

You make destiny. Destiny doesn't make itself. Whatever someone's action is, is how destiny plays out.
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#26 sajow4


    Junior Member

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Posted 04 September 2007 - 06:48 AM

I do not believe in "destiny" as it is untrue and foolish to believe in.
Humankind was Created by God, and He knows everything that will happen. If you break your leg, you have the common sense to go to a doctor. You do not question if it is your "destiny" to do so or not, because, just pretending that there is such a thing, if it were your "destiny" to do so, than you would or would not do it. But the Lord knows everything that we do - In His eyes, He knows exactly what will happen to us, what we will do, and so forth.
Since we cannot know what we are "supposed" to do or not, all we can do is live our lives, use our common sense in common problems, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and obey Him when we fell His calling to do something.
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#27 bptdude



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Posted 04 September 2007 - 08:35 AM

not sure if I should even banter with the uber-religious one.
but the concept of destiny is often twined with religion.. so...

if this super-being you say exists, does, and knows all we will do, isn't that declaring there is a destiny?

and this Jesus, according to your sacred stories, didn't he have a destiny to be killed, as so stated by himself?

and according to that same belief, aren't humans destined to have things happen to test them in this world we know?

and destined to be judged how we react to such tests?

see, it is not so easy to pooh-pooh the concept of destiny.
this thread was really about a paradox, though, in case we forgot.
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#28 Magic Leprechaun

Magic Leprechaun


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Posted 06 September 2007 - 08:36 PM

i am sorry if i am repeating anything, but i am in a hurry, and i couldnt resist answering this one.

i did see a tiny glimps of the first responce, and destiny isnt controlling them, if destiny has indeed got a master plan, then he, she, or it would obviusly (to make the plan viable) have to consider every eventuality, though it would undoubtably control random events like "acts of god" (as in those described in insurance policies) or computer crashes, and accidents, it would not control you so it would have to know what descision you would eventually arrive at, which if it knew you well enough it would be able to predict (this is assuming that "fate knows all") therefore you would be unable to change your fate, decided upon by destiny, unless you could see the future, or the plan destiny has for you (kind of like in final destination, when they see deaths plan), then you would get a REAL paradox, for example:

Assuming that the future is set, and that there is a plan set out by destiny, and that this plan is never wrong, then if a man could see all of time from the present onwards, and was determined to change it, could he?
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#29 carlotc



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Posted 08 September 2007 - 04:39 AM

I agree that "destiny" (along with "the future" and "time travel") is one of the most contentious topics there is. Maybe we can see destiny as a destination-setting thing. Although the endgame is set, the "how to get there" part is up to you. And as it has been popularly stated, its the getting there that really matters, not the destination.

For example, from your house, you HAVE to go to the mall by noon. Let's then say that it's your destiny to go to the mall and that you've got choice but to get there by noon. However, nothing prevents you from choosing your route. So you choose to take the main road instead of the scenic route and get stuck in traffic. You still get to the mall by noon because the way is shorter, but by then you're temper's already high and don't enjoy your stay there so much. What if you chose the scenic route? It's longer, but there's no traffic and, obviously, its scenic. So, you get to the mall by noon (the route is longer, so even without traffic it takes you til noon to get there) and you arrive fresh and quite happy (since you so appreciated the scenery) and enjoy yourself quite a lot.

So what's my point? Your destination might be predetermined, but the [i]quality[i] of your experience is determined by your choice.

Another example, this time on a more "serious" matter. Let's say you're destined to be a world leader. It cannot be avoided, it's destiny. However, what can be changed/affected is what kind of a leader you will be. If, for example, an oracle told you "behold, you will be the leader of the world" and because you heard it, then you decide to sit back and relax and just wait for it to happen. And so you get elected Grand Emperor of the Earth and rule it. What kind of a leader do you think you would make, knowing that you just sat there all this time waiting for "destiny" to happen? On the other hand, let's say after hearing the oracle's prophecy you decide "well then, I guess I'd better prepare for it" and so you study real hard, get leadership roles in organizations and so on, to prepare yourself for your future. And so, you get elected High King of All the Lands of this Great World and Even Those Beyond It. How do you think you would compare to the Grand Emperor of the Earth?

It can even get more specific. Let's say the oracle says "behold, you will be a GREAT leader of the world." Seems definite then, doesn't it, that you would be a good leader? Wrong! Great is not = to good. Great may have different meanings. Alexander was "Great", and so were Napoleon and Catherine. You could be great because you conquered all the countries on Earth through military might, or you could be great because all the Presidents, PMs, Kings, Grand Emperors, High Kings, etc. decided "hey, this guy is such a great leader, let's just let him rule all of us so that we can all just relax around a poker table." Again, it's up to you, and how you "get there" that truly defines your "destiny".

This is a highly simplified discussion of the matter of course, but I hope it still makes sense nonetheless.
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#30 bonanova



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Posted 09 September 2007 - 09:33 AM

Couldn't help ...
replying to the notion that I don't have the ability to choose not
to reply to the notion that I don't have the ability to choose not
to reply to the notion that I don't have the ability to choose not
to reply to the notion that I don't have the ability to choose not
to reply to the notion that I don't have the ability to stop typing.

But I must.

Is that my destiny or did I choose freely to act as if it were?

Ah, paradox, begone!
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Vidi vici veni.

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