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#21 Lost in space

Lost in space

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Posted 29 February 2008 - 08:52 PM

not doing a good job

- not in my opinion, I said trying

how come unreality, and everyone else I've had debates with, can understand me just fine,
even if I don't totally understand myselfthe problem with miscommunication is in you, not me

- Sorry again that you don't get it across to me or
I don't get on your wave lenghth.

My reply in bold italic

1. when the other person can't understand you, no matter how thouroughly you S.P.E.L.L. I.T. O.U.T. see above
2. doesn't seem to think they have to answer your questions see below
3. when they DO answer your questions, don't fit the specifications. So I did answer???
4. are stubborn to begin with, My nature and my/your opinion are factors in the debate
5. ignore you when, had they listened, you would've won the debate, count it, three times over

I thought the object of debate/discussion was to progress

yeah, it's near impossible
just like getting you to answer a hypothetical question

which you have seemed to ignore again!!!

You mean this one your first Post

Imagine there were a madman with an army at his feet
he murdered, enslaved, and brutally tortured nearly a billion people
wouldn't you stop him?

Yes - I would do my very best, but not with weapons,
So ploper Question asked n answered
Start your target practice...

Look at the leaders who have been in this position to abuse there power and much much more, G.Khan, Hitler, various Ceaser's, various pharohs and many empires apart from the greeks and Romans, such as UK, Netherlands, Ottoman, Conquistadores - Who met no opposition, Aztecs, Mayans, and probably many that I have never even heard of.

None of the above are world dominating powers today. Collectively the europeans are still on board with the fighting for peace resort if someone is'nt listening - eg Afghanistan, Iraq (who were assisted with $35 billion during First Persian Gulf War, 1980-88, probably the east supported Iran). Perhaps all we had to do was use alternatives to fossil fuel to put that one to rest.

My opion, War is a loss from the moment you start. Maybe it's the humanitarian in me that is stronger than whatever it is that produces the conflict. I have trouble also dealing with the " so long as it's not in my back yard" approach. Do we wait untill it is before we react rather than be proactive.

"A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic." - Joseph Stalin

Old ones are the best - ergo I must be the best. L.I.S.
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#22 Ploper


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Posted 01 March 2008 - 01:10 AM

Start your target practice...

oh, I'm sorry?
Are you ordering me?
Because if

YOU are not in charge!

than neither are you
but, either way
I will begin my target practice

So I did answer???

I was saying that on the rare occasion that you DO answer
you don't fit the specifications
you don't always not answer
but you haven't answered to anyone's satisfactory except your own so far

I thought the object of debate/discussion was to progress

then do it
stop ignoring questions or specifications
and actually change
because all of your posts seem to be the same as the one before it, and the one after it


Died of suicide, a form of violence

various Ceaser's

most likely killed by relatives looking for power... a form of violence

various pharohs

same as above

a better example would be Castro
but even then, we still tried to kill him.

Yes - I would do my very best, but not with weapons,

so then what?
try to solve it diplomatically?
Whose to say his guards won't shoot your men on site?
So what else?
wait for him to die of old age?

So ploper Question asked n answered

thank god
it only took about 15 posts for you to answer
wow, I'm impressed
you hav the reaction time of Neo,
maybe that's fast enough to dodge the crazy man's knfe/machette in unrealities HYPOTHETICAL situation.

Do we wait untill it is before we react rather than be proactive.

enemies can perform in secret
pretty simple
did we see pearl harbor coming?
so how could we have been proactive before tragedy struck?
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