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  2. Hi, I've been trying to find this puzzle for a long time. I finally found how it's called but there is no place to buy, if anyone knows, I'll be grateful to let me know where to buy. Thanks in advance
  3. kilometre
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  5. A good guess... but that is not the number I am thinking of. The number I am thinking of is only one word.
  6. one eleven
  7. Good answer. But the number I am thinking of is not from another language. It is English.
  8. Hi, everyone-- I'm hoping you can find an answer to a puzzle that is troubling us greatly at another forum. If any of you can find an answer, that will help greatly; the creator of the puzzle had to go to the hospital for several days, so he won't be able to tell us the answer for a long while, and we're completely stumped. Here's the whole puzzle: ::::::::? Yup--that's it. Eight colons and a question mark. Make sense of that if you will. Just so you know, I don't have any answers for you; we're completely stumped. Has anyone seen this one before, or does anyone know an answer? Many thanks.
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  10. legalmente?
  11. Mind telling us (or PMing me) the answer? as it has been 6 months with no correct answers and the participation seems to have dwindled...
  12. Per the riddle, the vowels must be among a, e, i, o, and u. The number I am thinking of has no "Y."
  13. Eighty four
  14. ...I interpreted "have another go" as meaning more was possible... Guess I should have tried harder to spoiler. For spoilers on phone, use (spoiler)your text here(/spoiler) but use [ ] instead of ( ). ...I interpreted "have another go" as meaning more was possible... Guess I should have tried harder to spoiler. For spoilers on phone, use (spoiler)your text here(/spoiler) but use [ ] instead of ( ).
  15. My analysis was incomplete. If you skip the Center X, then a string of alternating C and F (with E between) is constrained by the number of E. With 12 E, at most 13 (C,F) can be interleaved with them. And, because there are only 6 F, that means the upper limit on a path would use 7 Cs and 6Fs. So as Rocdocmac says, if it's possible without touching X, it must start and end with C: CEFECEFECEFECEFECEFECEFEC. Either way, with or without the X cell, 25 appears to be the upper bound, and Thalia found one.
  16. (Sorry I don't know how to make spoiler on iPhone, but it seems Thalia is the winner, so I'm not surprising anyone) Here's why 25 is max: Lets label a corner C, Edge Center E, Face Center F, and the hidden Center X. There are 12 E, 8C, 6F, and 1X. Because of the required 90 degree turn at each cell, CE can only be followed by EF (or Exit). All possible moves are: CE : EF FE : EC or EF EC: CE EF : FE or FX FX : XF FE : EC Notice only F can reach X, so the Sequence of moves must include FXF, if the Center is to be reached at all. Also notice that once you have moved from C to E, you can only move from E to F. For each C, you can pass through one F. (In CEFE sequence). But while there are 8 C, there are only 6 F, so the total sequence can have only 6 C, and the maximum is only 25. Good news is, there are enough E to join all the C and F, so the sequence could look like ECEF ECEF ECEF X FECE FECE FECE A path that avoids X would have to have an E between two Fs, which would waste an E, leaving only 24.
  17. You and five other US spies are in holding cells awaiting execution by the Taliban. You got caught because one of your group members is a traitor, but you still don't know who the traitor is. If you know the identity of the traitor, it will give you enough information to hack the security system and escape, but you have to be careful. If you're wrong, the alarm will go off and all of you will be instantly executed. Luckily, the five other prisoners each have phones (no speakerphones) and you have a list of three phone numbers. Two of them call US bases who know the name of the traitor. The other calls a former US base that was infiltrated by the Taliban who could say anything (even changing what they say). You have enough time to make two rounds of calls, and have enough batteries (that can be passed between the cells) to make six total calls. How can you pull it off?
  18. Well, I seem to have forgotten the detail about having to exit the cheese so there goes that! Revised attempt. Don't know how to spoiler a photo but since it's wrong anyway, here it is.
  19. if i spent a month on it i might be able to do the necessary calculation, don't have that kind of patience though.
  20. I get 24 cubes ; 7 in the front face ; 9 in the middle ; and 8 in the rear face
  21. Use the twelve pieces on the left to create a chess board, The pieces may be flipped!
  22. There is a puzzle in this Microsoft Build conference talk: These 3 sentences encode a word: All arguments could belong just here Playing with cool HTMLviews, enjoy refreshing without building Look, debugging tool Python makes use of Go to[answer] to check if your answer is correct!
  23. Have another go!
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