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  2. Let me present you with a game. It's a gambling game. The rules are pretty straightforward: 1. You begin the game with 10 US dollars 2. Every round, you may wager any of your current US dollars 3. After you have wagered, we toss a fair coin, which leads to one of two outcomes: a. Heads - You lose your wager b. Tails - You get your wager back AND win 200% of your wager's value 4. You have 100 rounds in which to maximise your profits as much as possible 5. It should go without saying, but if you ever end a round with 0 US dollars, you've lost The game is obviously in your favour, but provide a betting strategy which uses these rules to win as many US dollars as possible.
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  5. Quick! Craft heading to mistake heard.
  6. Yes, and thank you for visiting the site. I'm now motivated to doing another. Stand by, and throw one my way!
  7. Trying to solve a riddle as part of a treasure hunt of sorts and am struggling. Only hint was that research in the literary/books/entertainment fields could help: Riddle: I tried to save it when everyone else wanted to kill it. In the end it killed all but one, including me. When I died no life was lost. Later my severed head speaks. Who am I? Thanks!!!
  8. Hey guys! I will join here I worked hard on sudoku game project it's not something revolutionary but it's something pleasing to the eye and will make you think Feel free to leave criticism and any suggestions
  9. I guess it's an old phone
  10. I'm fully agree! HTML/CSS is so basic
  11. Hey guys I'm looking for like-minded people and I think I found 'em
  12. No, still not it : ) Though rather easy for you guys.
  13. Let F(t)=f(t)/g(t) be a rational function with integer coefficients, assume g(0)=1, then the Taylor expansion of F(t) at 0 has integer coefficients, and more over, these coefficients satisfy a recursion relation of the form c_n+k=a_{k-1}c_{n+k-1}+ ... + a_0c_n (k and all a_i are all fixed integers) for all but finitely many n? (for example try computing a MacLauren series for (1+2x)/(1-x^3)
  14. Hello. We are devising complex tests to find extremely intelligent individuals. There are well hidden messages inside our videos. Find them and write the solution Good luck. Are You Smart Enough? https://youtu.be/aiT4e4qtekE
  15. (f(x+y)-f(xy))/(3x) = f(y/(3x))-11-y Find f(x) where f(x) is a polynomial.
  16. I get two possible solutions: 1100 or 76461. Though if we want only positive values for each emoji then my answer of 1100 is the correct one. Though I am treating the fact that like how one row has two emojis of alligators and is different than the other rows, then the eagles being doubled is significant.
  17. 2f(1/x)-f(x)+2f(2/x)-f(x/2) = x, x is defined on the reals except where x =0 find f(x) =
  18. h(f(x)) + g(h(x)) + f(g(x)) = 2x^2 + 11x + 14 f(h(x)) + h(g(x)) + g(f(x)) = 2x^2 - 15x + 66 f(g(x)) = g(f(x)) h(g(x)) - g(h(x)) = -16x + 72 h(f(x)) + f(h(x)) = 2x^2 + 10x + 30 f(x) * g(x) = h(x) - 3x - 40 ----- f(x) = g(x) = h(x) =
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