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  2. Is Ed's interpretation of 8 correct?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Seems like I left another mistake in the original OP unattended to. Here's the final clue list. Read carefully and you should get the answer easily now. Sorry for the blunder, guys!
  5. Last week
  6. That's quite possible, but from my interpretation, without any mention of the same row, the end refers to the whole side of the board. I will try it that way though!
  7. Thalia, Looks like 8 is violated by your answer. I expect the black queen and white knight to be on the same row or same column.
  8. Ok. Can you tell me which of the clues my answer violates?
  9. @ Thalia ... 12) Black Q in her own column is correct. "Adjacent" means any of the 8 surrounding squares. One solution!
  10. Seems like there could be multiple answers from my interpretation of the clues.
  11. Think I figured out my problem. What is the definition of adjacent? Sharing edges? Diagonal squares?
  12. If the black queen is on the extreme east per clue 8 (N,S,W spaces adjacent), and alone in her column per clue 12, that leaves only the W space to put both the pawn and bishop mentioned in clue 8. Should it maybe read the queen is alone in her own row?
  13. 8) E-W extreme 16) white pawn is on d6 (not d5) Apology for this mistake! Here's an updated clue list ...
  14. yo i am someone too
  15. If you eat nothing, then you will die! ok cool nice that is sad comment what u think!
  16. Well THAT fell fast!
  17. Earlier
  18. Let's see if this hits the mark.....?
  19. 6 and 16 also seem to contradict as d5 is a white space according to the pictures I'm finding of notation.
  20. For number 8, does that mean the black queen is on the opposite E-W extreme or just opposite half? Or can it potentially refer to N-S? Number 12 would seem to contradict that if it means the E-W extreme.
  21. One name for the nameless, me. I show you wealth you cannot see. I can say yes or I can say no. From corners four to middles I go.
  22. There are two white rooks ... one of them is on the edge, and has nothing south of it.
  23. My bad, but you missed 4 ( just to add )
  24. Kradec, here’s my argument:
  25. How is the chance 50% for 2nd precious if precious is picked in this case.....
  26. Question about #13, which sounds to me like a conflict. should it read “ nothing is south of the one black rook, which is on the edge”? or should it read “ nothing is south of the white rook that is on the edge” or even “one of the white rooks is on the edge, and has nothing south of it”? for that matter, should it name a different piece than white rook?
  27. Can you place the 12 chess pieces on a chess board, given the following clues?
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