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  2. Suppose you have a point within a equilateral triangle. If you were to connect each vertex to this point you would make three new line segments. Assume that you knew two of the angles formed at the point. Build a triangle out of these line segments. What can the two known angles tell us about the angles of this newly created triangle.
  3. Finding a function

    Sort of combining the two solutions already given
  4. Simple classic puzzle on profit

    Pickett makes a good point about not knowing the original price that Bill paid, but based on the data as presented
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  6. Finding a function

    You asked for it...
  7. The clock setter

  8. What am I ?

    plasmid , your second answer was right !!
  9. What am I ?

    You are or more seriously
  10. The clock setter

    Did Stefan only glance at his friend's wall clock as he entered the house, but not when he left?
  11. Stefan borrowed a watch from his friend ,returned home and set his grandfather clock to the correct time

  12. What am I ?

    Well that would have been right , but then almost every "what am I question" can be answered with that . The following is a clue of sort....
  13. What am I ?

    Possibly ... ?
  14. The clock setter

    Stefan was on his way out the door to visit an old friend across the village when he realized that his grandfather clock had stopped and no longer displayed the correct time. This was the only clock in his home and the man owned no watches or other time-telling devices. Without disappointment Stefan left his home and walked roughly three miles to his friend's house. He glanced at the friend's wall clock as he entered the house and after visiting for a few hours set off back home along the same route. He walked at the same pace home and had no idea of knowing how long his trip back took him. Regardless, when Stefan got back home he immediately went to his grandfather clock and set it to the correct time. How did he know what time it was?
  15. Flocks of ducks

    Looks like
  16. Flocks of ducks

    There was a flock of ducks flying in the sky. One ahead of the other two; one behind of the other two; one between the other two, and three in a row. How many ducks were flying?
  17. What is the average pay

    Without an outside person
  18. Chess Board Puzzle

  19. What am I ?

    I have legs , ears , eyes , leaves , tails , wings , and trunks . What am I ?
  20. The halfway glass

    You're right. I botched it. rodomac's wordless pics were in my mind, but they never made it to the keyboard.
  21. The halfway glass

    I know what you mean but I don't think it is worded it right
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